email blasts

Email blasts

Below is a series of email blasts each meant to highlight a different advantage of the ICHRA. Download the file, select all the contents, and copy and paste into an email to send. Feel free to edit as necessary.


An ICHRA can be made available to a specific class of employees. The prescribed classes include full-time employees, part-time employees, seasonal employees, salaried workers vs non-salaried workers, employees working in the same geographic location, and more…download


Are you limited by your carriers to offering just one or two benefit options to employees? An ICHRA allows employees to use tax-free employer money to purchase whatever individual health insurance (or Medicare) is available in their market, providing them with much more choice…download


The IRS rules allow for certain ICHRAs to meet ยง4980H employer shared responsibility requirements. Depending on factors such as community rates and desired employer contribution, ICHRAs a better way to comply with the Employer Mandate…download

part-time employees

Very few employers offer access to group health plans to part-time workers. An ICHRA is an attractive way to offer a tax-advantaged benefit to part-time employees without the headaches that come along with making them eligible for your group plan…download