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All the resources on this page are available fo redistribution to clients and prospects. Where possible they are available in an editable format enabling rebranding/repurosing.

Broker Strategy Podcast
In this 15 minute podcast, Bob Radecki and Regan Debban, J.D. from Benefit Comply, LLC, discuss some of the potential implications ICHRAs may have on the brokerage business including which type of employers may benefit, offensive vs. defensive tactics, and compensation. Listen or download below.

Compliance Guide

Download our detailed Compliance Guide in an editable format that can be rebranded.

Broker Strategy Guide

This strategy review is designed to help broker partners prepare an ICHRA strategy. It is available in editable format and can be rebranded.

Small Employer Sell Sheet

Introduce ICHRAs with this piece that touches on some of their main benefits to small employers. 

Large Employer Sell Sheet

Introduce ICHRAs to large employers with this sell sheet that touches on the issues that matter to them.

HRA, HSA, FSA Comparison Chart

Comparison of HRA Types 

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