The ICHRA Alliance

An Individual Coverage HRA (ICHRA) gives employers a new way to provide tax advantaged benefits to employees. Is your organization ready to take advantage of this emerging market?

What is the ICHRA Alliance?

The ICHRA Alliance is made up of Administrators, Benefits Advisors, Carriers and other Insurance Professionals who help employers understand and offer an ICHRA to their employees.

Why Join the ICHRA Alliance?


Get exclusive access to ICHRA resources including detailed guidance, market news, sales support materials, and more.


Train your staff with web-based, in person, and one-on-one training.

ICHRA Administrator Certification

Differentiate your firm from the competition by becoming an ICHRA Allaince Certified Administrator.

Sales & Marketing Tools

Help your clients successfully implement an ICHRA strategy.

Membership Perks

Every ICHRA Alliance relationship starts with an introductory conversation so that we can understand your business goals and help determine which resources will help you meet them.

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Administrator Certification

Members of the ICHRA Alliance can set themselves apart from the competition and better serve their clients by completing the ICHRA ALLIANCE Administrator Certification Process.

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